Saving lives while connecting unwanted and abandoned pets with loving homes. 

“I adopted my cat as a kitten in July 2006. She is the absolute joy in my life. If it wasn’t for Humane Indiana, this wonderful and loving creature would not be in my life. Keep doing the wonderful work you do!”

— Marlene T.

Benefits of Adopting 

Adopting a shelter animal not only gives your pet a second chance in a happy home, it can also have a positive impact on your life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pet ownership can lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and feelings of loneliness. Children who grow up with pets learn responsibility and empathy while receiving unconditional love that bolsters self-esteem. And there's one more benefit you may not have considered—our shelter residents are vet checked and already spayed or neutered! 

Adoption Procedures +

  1. Complete an adoption application. We want to know all about you! We love our animals and want to make sure they’re going to a wonderful home.
  2. Meet with an adoption counselor to make sure that your new family member is the purrrfect fit for your home environment and lifestyle.
  3. Once your adoption is approved and associated fees are paid, we'll do our best to have your new buddy ready to go home with you right away! (Please note that same-day adoptions are not guaranteed.)

Potential adopters must show a photo ID and be at least 21 years of age. After adoption is approved, we can only hold animals for 24 hours. We need to make room for the next group of pets who need a place to stay while they wait for their forever home. Humane Indiana reserves the right to deny any application.

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Adoption Fees +

Adoption fees make it possible for us to care for pets while they are waiting to be adopted and make sure they’re healthy and ready to go home with you. Included in adoption fees are basic care provided at the shelter, spay/neuter surgery, deworming, heartworm test, heartworm preventive (and treatment if needed), an ear check for mites, a nail trim, flea/tick preventive, vaccines, rabies vaccine and a microchip implantation. Fees range from $56 to $356.

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Mobile Adoption Vehicle +

Humane Indiana's Mobile Adoption Vehicle brings pets waiting for loving homes into the community—raising awareness of shelter pets & increasing adoptions. Our climate-controlled vehicle comfortably transports up to 26 animals ready to meet potential adopters. Adoption event hosts are true heroes, finding homes for shelter pets AND creating space for new rescues.


October 12th – PetSmart (Hobart)

October 13th – PetSmart (Schererville)

October 20th – PetSmart (Schererville)

October 26th - Ted's Feed (Schererville)

October 27th – PetSmart (Schererville)

November 2nd – Ted’s Feed (Schererville)

November 3rd – PetSmart (Schererville)

November 8-10 – PetSmart (Schererville)

November 17th – PetSmart (Schererville)

November 24th – PetSmart (Schererville)

December 1st – PetSmart (Schererville)

December 7th – Ted’s Feed (Schererville)

December 8th – PetSmart (Schererville)

December 14th – PetSmart (Schererville)

December 15th – PetSmart (Schererville)

Need to Surrender Your Pet? +


Humane Indiana firmly believes that bringing your pet to a shelter, should always be a last resort. While all animals are treated and cared for humanely at our facility, a shelter is a stressful and terrifying place for a pet who has been living in a home environmnet. We are committed to helping reduce stress for pets and offer resource assistance for owners looking to surrender their pets. We do not euthanize, and we can only take in as many animals as we adopt out. When cages are full, we cannot take any additional animals. Please review our resource options below.

Owner-surrenders to our shelter are by appointment only, please call us in advance to check availability and make an appointment: (219) 922-3811.


While Humane Indiana holds its staff to exemplary kenneling standards, we still believe that it is best practice to avoid entrance to a shelter whenever possible. Humane Indiana is very fortunate to have many programs that may aid in preventing a surrender from entering a shelter and hopefully staying in a home. Our team is dedicated to helping pet owners keep their pets, in times of need.

Humane Indiana also offers medical help in the form of spay/neuter, vaccines, or micro-chipping, and may also provide initial canine and feline behavioral counseling and referral to trainers or behaviorists. Humane Indiana can also provide any supplies the pet owner may need to keep the pet, including but not limited to: food, litter, leashes, collars, toys, treats, grooming products, cat furniture, or litter boxes.

Our pet food bank provides help with pet food, when they need it most. Our goal is to help loving pet owners keep their beloved pet at home with them, through some difficut times.


Humane Indiana's first order of business is always to help pet owners work through some difficult decisions when they reach the often painful conclusion that they can no longer keep their pet. Many phone calls to our shelter include those that want to surrender their pet to the shetler for rehoming. Humane Indiana has recently joined the Home to Home program, which allows for pet owners to safely, rehome their pet through a database to find families wanting to adopt pets. This avoids the stress to the animal of bringing it to shelter, but instead rehoming the pet from one home to another -- a Home to Home adoption. Adoptions are managed by Humane Indiana through the site, and pet-surrenders and prospective owners are vetted. The process eliminates the process of bringing a pet to the shelter, by offering a home-to-home adoption. To learn more about the program, please visit

Lost a Pet? Found a Pet? +

Lost pets are most often found near home. Knocking on doors of homes in the vicinity to see if anyone recognizes the pet is a good first step. To file a lost or found report, email the Humane Indiana intake team at or phone (219) 922-3811 x211. We also recommend calling your local animal control. Humane Indiana is happy to assist in locating owners for found pets by scanning for microchips and checking our population.

Many municipalities in Lake County, IN have their own animal control servicing and when you are unable to locate an owner from knocking on nearby doors, you can call the city/town in which the pet was found for animal control. Stray animals found within unincorporated areas of Lake County can call the non-emergency dispatch line 219-660-0001 for animal control servicing.

Copy of HI - CATS AND KITTENS-2.png
  1. Look around for mom and/or littermates: Sometimes well-meaning people unknowingly separate kittens from their mother. Ultimately, the goal is to keep baby kittens with their mother for as long as possible for the best chance of survival.

  2. Observe from a distance: If the kittens are safe but mom is nowhere in sight, you should quietly observe from a distance so as not to scare away a shy or feral mother. Momma cat will usually stay with her babies for one to two days after giving birth. After that, she may leave for short periods to hunt for food or to look for a safer location for her litter.

  3. Use your best judgment: There is no general rule on how long you should wait for mom to return, but think in terms of a couple hours. If the kittens are clean, plump, and sleeping quietly, chances are mom isn't far away and you are better off leaving them alone. On the other hand, if the kittens are dirty, in a soiled area, or crying because they are hungry, it could mean they have been abandoned.

  4. Call Humane Indiana Shelter: If you are unsure of what to do, you can always call Humane Indiana Shelter for advice on when or if you should move a found kitten. Call us at 219.922.3811 ext. 211.


The public is encouraged to bring all strays to the shelter for reunification with their families, however the "return to owner" rate for cats in shelters is very low. This is because the “lost” kitty you found may not be lost at all! Cats are 7-13 times more likely to find their way home from the street than a shelter. For cats, placing a paper collar with “Am I your cat?” written on it is an easy way to help the cat find its owner.

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Rent a Humane Trap +

Humanely secure animals that stray onto your property and move them to an appropriate space with one of our live animal traps. A limited number of traps are available for rental, offered on a first come, first served basis. The rental fee is $5 per day and a $60 cash deposit is required. You'll need to complete a short form and we will make a copy of your driver’s license. Please phone the shelter at (219) 922-3811 for more trap information.

Foster +

We don’t ever want to turn an animal away. When our shelter reaches capacity, some of our pets need a temporary place to reside in order to make room for more. Humane Indiana foster families selflessly share their home, providing a loving transition while their foster pet is matched with a forever home.

Animals Who Need Your Help:

  • Orphaned puppies and kittens, too young to live in the shelter
  • Canines and felines in need of socialization
  • Dogs and cats with medical issues who need extra special care

Supplies Provided to Foster Homes:

  • Food
  • Medication
  • Bedding
  • Crates
  • Bottles
  • Other necessary supplies

CRISIS Foster +

Have you or someone you know, ever hit a rough patch in life? For Humane Indiana, we see it every day in the homeless and helpless pets that reach our shelter doors. More recently, the human stories of survival and the human-animal bond have touched the hearts of our staff, volunteers, donors, and foster families and have given new meaning to the good that we do together at Humane Indiana.


Humane Indiana is grateful for its network of compassionate fosters. These individuals open their doors and welcome homeless kittens, puppies, dogs, and cats and patiently prepare them for forever homes. Often times, the youngest foster babies, aren’t quite ready to leave their nursing moms, or have yet to meet weight requirements for spaying or neutering, before they can be adopted. You’ve heard about our awesome fosters, or perhaps, you’re one of them! Have you also heard about our Emergency Crisis Fosters? Every month, Humane Indiana receives several calls for Emergency Crisis Fosters. Unfortunately, these are usually very tough, heart-wrenching situations that require a compassionate heart and hand.


An Emergency Crisis Foster is someone who is willing to temporarily open their home and heart to a pet-owner in need. These are pet-owners who’ve found themselves in very difficult situations, and simply need time to resolve them, and avoid surrendering their beloved pets. There are a variety of reasons in which Emergency Crisis Fosters are needed, including homelessness, domestic abuse, house fires, injured or ill owners, relocation or moving, etc. In any case, these are pet owners who are trying desperately NOT to lose or surrender their pets. Humane Indiana understands not wanting to lose your pet during a traumatic time in life. Since our shelter does not offer boarding at our facility, Emergency Crisis Fosters are our only option for crisis clients, and the best-case scenario for their pets.


Emergency Crisis Fostering is typically a 30-day foster commitment. Humane Indiana works within our foster network and we are in constant contact with the legal owner of the fostered pet. Humane Indiana provides any needs for the foster, including food, bowls, vaccines, bedding, collars, and leashes.

Barn cats +


What's a barn cat? Barn cats are undersocialized cats that are still in need of some level of housing and food to survive. They can thrive in barns, stables, or warehouses, etc. and coexist wonderfully with little to no human contact. They're extremely beneficial to their environment as they typically serve as a great natural source for pest control.

How can you help? We have several barn cats simply needing a safe place to lay their heads at night. If you have space for a barn cat, Humane Indiana will assist in acclimating the cat to its new envirnoment. We spay/neuter, and provide vaccinations for the cat, at no cost to you, the host family. Humane Indiana also provides food for the cat, in addition to any needed supplies.


Contact our intake coordinator at (219) 922-3811 ext. 211 or email Fill out our online application and get started today!