Your support makes Northwest Indiana a kinder place for animals and the people who care for them.

Your donation will save lives

Thank you for supporting the homeless, injured, or orphaned animals of Humane Indiana. Your generosity makes it possible for Humane Indiana to provide loving, attentive, and humane shelter and care to 10,000 animals annually—at our clinic, shelter, and wildlife center. With your help, Humane Indiana is providing critical supports to animals and their caretakers: 

  • At our Munster shelter, animal care experts and volunteer staff work tirelessly to connect homeless pets with new families—as well as programs and services that support successful transitions.

  • Our Wildlife Center rescues, rehabilitates, and returns wild animals to their natural habitats, providing a second chance to animals impacted by negative interaction with our man-made world.

Protecting pets, preserving wildlife, and supporting a nurturing connection between people and animals. With your support, Humane Indiana is making Northwest Indiana a better place for animals and the people who care for them. Your donation of any size is desperately needed to continue this important work. 

A Special Gift in Memory of a Special Someone 

Memorial donations are the perfect way help unloved animals in honor of those we love. Your tribute gift to Humane Indiana can help save a life. Choose a tribute to honor someone or to commemorate a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or an accomplishment. It’s also the perfect gift for animal lovers!  

To donate in memory of a departed loved one, a special friend, or a pet; please include the name of the person or pet that your gift is a tribute to when completing our online form. If you'd like us to send a note to your tribute, notifying them of your gift in their honor, please include a mailing address. We'll send a card and personal note. 

“We love all that you do for those who have no voice. Thank you.”

—Bonnie S.

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