Pets for Life

Helping Animals by Helping the People Who Love Them Most

Reducing local stray populations in under-served communities.

About Pets for Life

The Humane Society of the U.S. started the Pets for Life (PFL) program in 2011 with teams in Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Atlanta. PFL helps animals in under-served communities by empowering the people who care for them. By offering resources and information with respect and understanding to populations without animal service providers, the human-animal bond is elevated, quality of life is improved and overpopulation is reduced.

In March 2015, Humane Indiana received grant funding to start a PFL programin Gary, IN. The population of nearly 80,000 people lacks low-cost veterinaryoptions, resulting in an estimated 50,000 animals with no access to spay/neuteror vaccine services.

Humane Indiana’s PFL team provides free spay/neuter and vaccine services toresidents in Gary’s 46407 zip code. The program operates one zip code at atime to reach every street and home in the city.

Humane Indiana’s PFL team includes Rocio Bolivar and Raven Stutsman. Each brings years of experience working with animals and people.

Pictured above: Rocio Bolivar - left | Raven Stutsman - Right

Rocio Bolivar began her animal welfare career a few years ago as an intern with Mercy for Animals. She then toured the country with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals before joining the Humane Society of the U.S. PFL team in Chicago. When the Chicago group disbanded, she came on board. 

Humane Indiana’s PFL in fall 2016. Bolivar’s passion for animal advocacy and social justice drew her to PFL. 

“I love the program because it sees the best in people and helps animals by helping the people who love them most.”

Raven Stutsman has a heart for helping others. She began her social service work as a volunteer advocate for battered women and children. She volunteered at Central Oklahoma Humane Society’s Humane Place Animal Clinic, eventually joining their PFL team when it formed two years ago. When that program dissolved, the move to Humane Indiana’s team seemed a natural fit.

“I’ve always had a passion for community. I’m so excited and grateful to be continuing the Pets for Life mission in a brand new city with beautiful people and their four-legged companions.”

Special Qualifications

Gary residents who do not live in the 46407 zip code qualify to receive low-cost spay/neuter and vaccine services through Humane Indiana’s Estelle Marcus Animal Clinic.

For additional information please contact Rocio Bolivar at or call 219-213-8592