Spay & Neuter

Save a Life

Spaying and neutering provide the best protection

Avoid pet overpopulation and do what’s best for the health and welfare of your pet.

To Serve and Protect

There are many reasons why spaying and neutering are crucial:

  • Fewer animals means fewer homeless pets.
  • States with the highest spaying/neutering rates have pets that live the longest.
  • The shorter life span of a pet that is not spayed or neutered is often due to an increased urge to roam. This can expose them to fights with other animals, getting hit by cars and other dangers.
  • Reduces the risk of certain types of pet cancers.
  • Urine-marking (lifting the leg) or the urge to spray can be avoided.

Decreases long-term costs:

  • Care for reproductive system cancer can be very expensive.
  • Pets not spayed or neutered may cause serious fighting between unaltered pets of the same gender and can incur high veterinary costs.
  • Pet license renewal can be more expensive. Many towns require spaying or neutering, or charge higher license fees for unaltered pets.

Spaying and Neutering Rabbits

To help eliminate pet overpopulation, remember to spay or neuter pet rabbits, as they reproduce faster than dogs or cats and often end up in shelters. Neutered male rabbits have reduced hormone-driven behavior such as lunging, mounting, spraying and boxing. Spayed female rabbits are less likely to get ovarian, mammary and uterine cancers.

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